Dear Mandela

We have no land still but I, "i," i am too old not to love you. I am too old not to remember the smiles on black people's faces from the day you and Winnie raised your fists high in victory, as though to break the sky open, as though to prove to the sun... Continue Reading →


#Mandela100: Permission to be Brilliant

(This was first published about 9 years ago on news24 . I am posting this for .) In a dream I wrote you a speech. I was important enough to be in the same room as you. No, I will be honest in the dream I was still not important. It was the fact that... Continue Reading →

His People N1 City Every Nation

This time last Sunday I received a brief message that announced to me that Gillian was now the official leader of Every Nation N1 church. The person has no personal history with the church. The text said that the Sunday church celebration was beautiful and at the same time it was sad to say good... Continue Reading →

Beauty is a tyrant

Is beauty in the eye of the beholder or does the eye behold beauty? Is beauty in the eye of the beholder or is there a fire, a light that catches the eye? Is beauty in the eye of the beholder or is the eye held prisoner? Is beauty gentle or is it violent and... Continue Reading →

When all else fails – quote Love

I have never been to what was once a concentration camp in Auschwitz, but I once heard a preacher narrate that on the walls of the death camp it is written: "I believe in love, even though I don't feel it. I believe in God, even though He is silent." This is the ultimate display... Continue Reading →

Southern Africans Meet-up in DC

I told her to meet me at Nando's, she did. She arrived with eyes that had the appearance of one who had never seen disappointment. Her smile was like one who had taken a serious bite of the African sun. She picked up something on my behalf with a swiftness that was not swiftness for... Continue Reading →

Still I Rise: 50yrs since MLK

Today we think of our African American family who lost their leader, April 4th, 50 years ago today. They ended his life with an American gun but he never feared death. He said by the time the bullet hits him he'll be dancing in glory. The fact is our faith is meant to cost us... Continue Reading →

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