Black Hair Matters School protests : Sans Souci

Sans Souci Girls High School protesting after Pretoria Girls High School started to protest after black girls were forced to straighten their natural hair. Their natural hair was seen as "unruly" and "not neat." San Souci girls said they are not allowed to braid their hair. Braiding African hair is not only an ancient part... Continue Reading →


Sans Souci #thetruthwewillproclaim Protest | Black Hair Matters

San Souci school girls at a parking lot outside of Newlands swimming pool. They protested at the parking lot where they met with the Western Cape Education Department. Singing and dancing is an important part of the inseparable from South African protest culture. Images by Siki Dlanga

Dreams of Mandela

In a dream I wrote you a speech. I was important enough to be in the same room as you. No, I will be honest in the dream I was still not important. It was the fact that I only had my name which holds no weight that made me feel significantly more important to... Continue Reading →

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