Dear Africa sends me to USA

This is what I received on 🌈#AfricaDay🎈😇. I received this from a beautiful South African from the north. Her feet have caressed the breadth and width of this giant African continent. She speaks with fire about the beauty of what she has seen and heard with her own eyes and ears. Ears that have heard the cry of African women and eyes that have marvelled at their beauty. She reminds me of my poem “The Day of the African Prophet,” which I wrote before I met her. She is that prophetess. She is the embodiment of that cry but more than the cry, she is the very song of hope that rises from the African earth, yes, the song that rises from the beautiful dust of Africa. 
She’s the song that turns red dust into gold dust. Are we not people of gold? Was it not Miriam who sang the first prophetic song after deliverance from Africa? Was it not a sound of Africa? Did Deborah not sing after delivering her nation? So, here, this African prophet, this John the Baptist of Africa, this maker of a new way for the Lord has made a way and done what John the Baptist did for Jesus. Seeing things and agreeing with God’s doing. This is the first physical dollars I have received. A very African thing to give me physical money, if I may add. 
I have after all, at various times in my sleep been visited by dirt poor African women who have given me physical money. This has been often older African women though who have given me money they have saved up for me to go and fulfill the calling of God on my life. Somehow, they know it is for them. These are things, callings I by no means expect them to grasp. And yet, mysteriously they understand the calling deeper than I do. Who is more insightful and spiritual than an African woman? It is beyond understanding. Whether we like it or not, agree with it or not, the journey across the ocean has been set in motion and baptized. It is done. Kwahlalwa phantsi. Kwavunywa.. Kwagqitywa. Dear Africa. My everything.

I invite you to give me some dollars also. Please be part of the story and bring the dream to life.., 


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