Happy 53rd Birthday Michelle Obama 

Surely God is a black woman. 🙆🏾Thank you Michelle Obama for your humility, your class, your dignity, your strength, your brilliant mind, your unsurpassed self-control, your perfect smile, your footsteps that are always perfect, your hands that are always in the right place. For the way you put your hands together like an African when you say thank you, for your perfect wisdom, for your careful words, for your dresses, for speaking about how unfriendly and unwelcoming museums are to black people. Seriously, I thought I can’t believe that another black person feels the same way, even more so, a black woman faraway across the ocean! Like… Thank you! For saying “When they go low, we go high.” For always staying up and being impossible to pull down, for being beyond reach and yet like a lady we love and know. For carrying the face of beauty even when the world is ugly. For being the meaning of a black woman everywhere. For being so cool. For raising the most beautiful girls. For modeling the most beautiful first family we have ever seen. For your mom who raised you and gave birth to you today. Lastly for giving Obama that famous killer black woman side-eye at the Nelson Mandela Memorial. Like..seriously Michelle…Thank you! 



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