Freedom Harvesters Arise

Robert Mangaliso Sobukhwe(Mangaliso means Miracle)

Steven Bantu Biko 

(Bantu – People)

The Mxenge husband & wife duo

Cradock 4


Chris Hani 

The land was here before it was stolen and it can easily be restored without bloodshed or impoverishing anyone. It just takes a little repentance here and there and we will all be well and prosper equally without injustice. Only the greedy and fearful think this can’t happen. 

What we can never get back are these lives who were killed for greed and fear of their magnificent beauty. 

Leaders whose light shone so magnicently that their enemies pulled the darkness closer to them instead of coming out to embrace the light. 

And yet the proverb says: “They didn’t know that we were seeds.” 
As I drove past Grahamstown on my way to Peddie etc. it was like I heard the land itself crying for freedom. The earth itself seeks to be liberated. How many secrets it had to keep for so many centuries? It can’t any longer.
A new kind of Freedom Fighter will be born out of those same places.

It will be the kind of Freedom Fighter who fights by building a new dream with her hands. They shall sing a new kind of Freedom song and let’s it out.

They shall be Freedom Harvesters. Their ancestors lost everything for their freedom. Their blood watered the land that was ripped away from them. The blood testifies day and night. The land is frustrated and cannot hold it in any more. The Freedom Harvesters will harvest with no blood on their hands. 

Those with blood on their hands cannot build a Holy Place for God even if they fought a war God asked them to fight. Freedom Harvesters will harvest with a new song on their lips, with a new dance. 
Yes, the song from the region of Port Elizabeth has already begun asking for the Heavens to open, after the song from EL had gone up asking God to Phendula, a song of love from the young men pours out. Rejoicing will come. The fathers will come home. The gold mines will no longer bury them. They are no longer satisfied to lose their lives and blood to satisfy the suits of a few men who do not care for their children.

Yes, Freedom Harvesters shall rise up from this land.

With sickles not axes or guns. 

They will play music to the cattle because amakhwenkwe azobuya nazo emasimini.
Harvest time will begin in the Eastern Cape where so many leaders bled for so long, leaving the people to shameful poverty, a laughing stock. Harvest time is here in the distant now, where so many leaders are admired by the world but left us with empty stomachs, the Freedom Harvesters will feed those who are at home. The wind will not scatter them because of their fame. The wind will only scatter what is above and beyond enough to give away because these are generous people. 
Why should the people of Biko be without quality African Education? 

Why should the people of Mmangaliso Sobukhwe be without their miracle of land? 

Why should the people of the Mxenges be without justice? 

Why should the children of the men of Marikana be without gold? 

Why should the people of Mandela not be world famous for their brilliance? 

Why should the people of Ntsikana not leave in peace and prosperity and knowledge of God?

Why should the people of Nongqawuse not have their cattle come back from the dead? 

Why should the people of resurrection not have their resurrection? 


Biko 70 years since 

Biko’s mom used to work as a cleaner for the hospital. Biko became a Doctor. Biko’s township raised funds for him to further his studies. Biko was so moved by such an act that he started a Ginsberg education fund and led the community. Biko said Black is Beautiful because he experienced it and knew it. This is the beauty I experienced deep within my soul at the Biko Center in Ginsberg today. This beauty that heals you, lifts you up, gives wind to your dreams and lights a fire within you. Beauty. Black is beautiful became a famous saying today I learned that it was accredited to Biko, thank you Mr Google for helping me see that the mystery I experienced was the profound mystery of that beauty. Some places have a life beyond what the eye can see. 

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