Women Stop Police Violence at Wits #FeesMustFall


Mcebo Dlamini addresses student activists at Wits University. This day has been tense. About 10 students are reportedly injured by police rubber bullets. Today was feared to be another Marikana after an army of police were unleashed against student activists. The violence and tension seemed to be increasing by the hour until 3 women arrived on the scene of protest begging police to cease fire. They took off their tops and stood half naked, their breasts uncovered. They raised their hands begging the police to stop with the shooting. “This has been happening all day. Please stop shooting. We are women we are defenseless. We have no guns.” 

The police were shamed and they turned away. These women disarmed police by showing their most vulnerable body parts. The atmosphere of violence stopped and hundreds of student protestors arrived and began to sing protest songs. 

It is here that Mcebo Dlamini made his speech that they are fighting for the dignity of the black child. That police were trained to shoot black people. That black lives are cheap while white protestors are handled with care. 

South African leaders need wisdom going forward. The public have to get involved otherwise the situation is spiraling out of control. 

4 October 2016, Tuesday.


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