13 Rubber Bullets

Ho, is anyone thirsty on this cruel Thursday!

Where teargas is the only air university students are allowed to breathe?

Where 13 rubber bullets are shot at close range on the back of an unarmed young female body?

This freedom is a lie.

This rainbow was a fake rainbow.

We were only allowed to claim freedom for as long as we remained satisfied with black poverty in a wealthy land.

The fakeness of the rainbow has long been exposed but now, we know that apartheid was never over. It only changed faces.

The same demon guards the gates of liberty, using the same police shooting freedom’s children.

But freedom we shall have in our lifetime because Steve Biko’s body is still warm under the earth, because Sobukhwe did not die in vain. True freedom and a true rainbow we shall have not this corrupt lie that still serves its old masters.

True freedom and a true rainbow we shall have, not this corrupt lie that still serves its old masters.

Is Anyone thirsty on this cruel Thursday?

There is this River I know.

It is a River with sweet untainted waters.

There is a River whose streams do make glad..

There is a river whose streams make glad the City of God.

So come,

Come and drink freely.

You have to come up a little higher to reach it.

You have to look up with an unshifting gaze and raise your head above the teargas. and inhale air from a kingdom where justice reigns.

Then deeply inhale air from a kingdom where justice reigns and then come up some more.

Lift your head high in order drink from sweet pure streams that will intoxicate your lungs with everything right.deeply because we have to finish the work.

Inhale deeply because we have to finish the work.




Today Wits University Student Activist Leader Shaeerah Kalla was shot with 13 rubber bullets on her back at close range by police. She was unarmed. 



Women Stop Police Violence at Wits #FeesMustFall


Mcebo Dlamini addresses student activists at Wits University. This day has been tense. About 10 students are reportedly injured by police rubber bullets. Today was feared to be another Marikana after an army of police were unleashed against student activists. The violence and tension seemed to be increasing by the hour until 3 women arrived on the scene of protest begging police to cease fire. They took off their tops and stood half naked, their breasts uncovered. They raised their hands begging the police to stop with the shooting. “This has been happening all day. Please stop shooting. We are women we are defenseless. We have no guns.” 

The police were shamed and they turned away. These women disarmed police by showing their most vulnerable body parts. The atmosphere of violence stopped and hundreds of student protestors arrived and began to sing protest songs. 

It is here that Mcebo Dlamini made his speech that they are fighting for the dignity of the black child. That police were trained to shoot black people. That black lives are cheap while white protestors are handled with care. 

South African leaders need wisdom going forward. The public have to get involved otherwise the situation is spiraling out of control. 

4 October 2016, Tuesday.

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