Black Women Run South Africa

everyone of every shade did well today 
all over the country. Municipal elections are over as votes are being counted as I write this.
I have to single out the Black Woman today though, what a star!

Black Woman you run this country, quietly, humbly, disguised as a mere servant. You get no thanks for it. But you are not waiting to be thanked for running your house. At every polling station, you outnumber everyone on the IEC serving everyone else.

In sometimes all white neighborhoods of Cape Town, these amazing women are there everywhere with beautiful warm smiles. Sometimes as the only black presence as usual humbly and courageously serving everyone to vote. You won’t get any thanks for it, you are not waiting to be thanked, you are just running your country, your house for all your children. I’m inspired by the hard work of black women today. Yho! Black women bleed for this country and get no thanks for it. Humbled to be a black woman alongside such amazing women. inspired. What selfless human beings.  

You make #SouthAfrica great. No one else is going to say it so there, I said it. 


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