Tutu’s Commission 

#VYLTP visited the Arch Desmond Tutu, we could ask him questions but there was not enough time. In fact his doctor had just declared the end of all conversations with immediate effect. I thought well, I am not letting him go before he answers this one question. One I was confident he would want to answer. We are his life’s work after all. We are it. I said: “What advice would you give our generation of Christian Leaders in our country, particularly because we must continue the work that began before us.” (We may think that we are doing something but no one ever does anything in a vacuum).He responds partially smiling. Is South Africa after all not the apple 󾁛of his eye and his life’s work? He says: “I don’t want to give you advice, that’s never a good idea but I will say this. MAKE THIS COUNTRY BEAUTIFUL, especially for the poor.”

He smiled and rose according to his doctor’s command. 

I wish you heard it from his own voice, every word is weighty and well considered. It comes from a place where words are no longer just words but they are weighed, considered and they come from a long well lived life, they come from words that are now so few because each word could be his last though he may live past a hundred. #DesmondTutu #wordsofwisdom #commissioning #youngSAleaders #leadership #SouthAfrica 🇿🇦


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