South Africa through the eyes of a Newcomer 

She had only been in South Africa for two whole days when she heard a white South African ask: “What can whiteSouth Africans do to respond to the racial inequality?” He has a good heart.She too has a good heart and was taken aback that such a question can be asked in such a country.

“Isn’t it obvious? 

Can’t they see?” 

The question overwhelmed her. What causes such blindness she wondered. And yet the white SA in all his intelligence cannot see the obvious. It is the same reaction I feel when people didn’t know what was happening to black people during apartheid. And so apartheid continues because of this inability to see the apparent. 
I watched her look at shacks as we drove past. She looked at the shacks in a manner that tore my heart.

 I didn’t want to look at her while she was looking. But I couldn’t shake off what I felt and saw through her eyes though she spoke not a single word. The wall that separated the shacks from the free way suddenly felt like apartheid.

 It felt like the pain of where she comes from. A place others worship by supporting her oppression in the name of God. I watched her look, and I suffered.


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