Prayers & Tears for South Africa

My heart is so broken. It’s as though our leaders are trapped in a web. They were freer when they were running for their lives from an evil regime. Now they are the regime and they are trapped. Now I understand why Zuma so eloquently speaks about the struggle years, his many speeches were eulogies. For he knew that the ANC was long dead. We would soon find out when it was too late just how long it has been dead. Our nostrils would finally detect the unbearable stench of death and it might kill us too if we do not bury the dead quickly. 

Oh, we must mourn. 

The ANC is long dead. Those who still wear its colours are like ghosts. How many ghosts will haunt us? 

The colonial Rhodes ghost, the apartheid ghosts and now the ANC ghost. 

We are indeed spooked but we do not know it. We are asleep and we do not know it. Awake o sleeper! Awake citizens of South Africa, we were trapped a long time ago. The trap is written from the first to the last name of the president. Zuma means trap. 

But I heard those #WWWmovement warriors from Johannesburg His People church sing “who is worthy to open the scroll?” 

Weep not, the Lamb that was slain from the foundations of the earth is our only hope. We have no other Saviour. If you do not believe we do not blame you, but let those who believe stand up and stand tall. The #ANCNEC will give us no favorable answer. The hour we find ourselves in calls for extraordinary hope and faith. Without this hope and faith we will undoubtedly perish.



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