Restoring South African Identities: Facing the harsh truth 

Dealing with white supremacy and black inferiority in South Africa is soooooo important. People out there don’t realize just how bad it is. It’s pretty bad. I’m talking about mindsets and states of being that were entrenched through centuries of taking what did not belong to you without a conscience, as if you were entitled to it, and through being stolen from as though you do not deserve what is rightfully yours. Problematic as it may be but racism still blinds people and enables people to be unbothered by the imbalance caused by injustice. This is not just about a stadium beating or insulting of black people. It is the deep-seated attitudes that are so problematic, that a whole people, do not know their human identity apart from those because of normalised inhumane attitudes over decades and centuries. These became part of people’s culture and identity. 

It is for this reason that we cannot fight racism without people intentionally dealing with white supremacy within them. 

Just as we must deal with black inferiority that developed over decades and hammered in by the same force that gave others their sense of false supremacy. Both are severely dangerous. They will cause us major problems if we do not deal with both of these at the same time. 
The problem is how? How do we restore the black person’s God-given human dignity? Yes through living conditions that are dignified but also through spiritual and mental work. If we don’t do this friends…. we will recycle these problems for generations. We need to aggressively shift these. I can assure you that if we do not act aggressively to restore black identity, black people will self-sabotage because we do not believe we deserve what is rightfully ours.

THEFT is a product of both white supremacy and black inferiority. White supremacy steals big things and black inferiority do more obvious crimes including government corruption. Why else would you steal from the people whose freedom you fought for? That is self-sabotage. White supremacy still has everything it stole, the land, the gold, the privilege and it won’t give it back because if feels entitled to it as the supreme being.

Some of the protests have been already causing an essential shift in identity… there is a work that must be done by those who are spiritual but those are the most fearful of dealing with such topics. And yet they will fail a generation if they don’t, just as former generations were misled by false spirituality into distorting God’s image on earth through malicious untruths. 
The secret lies in the apartheid documents about who they said white people were and who black people were. 

Apartheid laws are hard to look at. They are hard for black people and they are hard for white people to look at but we must have a hard look at them. 

I do not want to hear the lies white people were taught about black people. Like someone said:”why do black people hate white people?” 

Are you serious? 

Black people hate themselves first before they can hate white people. It’s almost an impossibility and it takes an extra-ordinary human being in order to do so. It is an achievement that is almost admirable.
I spoke to a Geman guy two nights ago. He works in the townships and has been learning Xhosa like you can’t believe. He says to me: “You know, I realised that black people do not hate white people at all. They will only react to what they may perceive as a racist attack towards them.”

It takes a foreigner to see that. What a pity, because here people were taught and conditioned to believe such a lie. 
Apartheid made it impossible for us to rise but apartheid can make it possible for us to truly dismantle those age old lies that must be denounced by every South African, young and old. Because those laws still operate on many people’s minds and their subconscious. I have been shocked and hurt when I have heard some of the wild racist lies white people believed about black people. It is the most inhumane imaginations I have ever come across. Those imaginations are from only one place, hell from the devil’s mouth and they must be returned there, because it brought us hell on earth. 
This is how we can begin to reclaim our corporate human identity and dare I say – authentic unity. If any nation can, I believe that nation is South Africa and we might just say… thank God for apartheid, the deep dark night without which we may never have appreciated the light of day or the sweetness of finding something you never thought you would lose and when you lost it, you never thought you would find.



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