The pavement tea drinker

He is sitting on the sidewalk of a quiet suburb holding a white cup of tea on a saucer with his left hand, with his right hand he smokes. He is old and possibly on his tea break. He is so at ease and at peace in comparison to my big rush. I wished I was sitting next to him, drinking tea on the side of the pavement. I had to smile when I saw him with his tea and cigarette. For that brief moment I too sat on the pavement drinking tea – well, not literally. He responds to my smile by greeting me:”Hello.” He says with a toothless smile. 

I smile back, rushing and say:”Hello.”

He quickly responds: “I’m fine.” 

To my hello before I even get to it and I was walking fast I would not have had time to ask “how are you.” His eagerness to tell me that he is fine makes me smile even more. 

I shout back laughing: “Yes, I can SEE that you are fine.”

He laughs with that old smoker laugh. I leave him to his tea-smoke break.


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