An interesting moment 

My interesting morning encounter: A man quickly grabbed one of my heavy bags and together we chased the train. He could have caught it without me but he knew that I might miss the train because of my load. Once inside the train he told me that he wants to be a politician in his country, Malawi. He asked me for advice on how to make that a reality. And there he gave me an opportunity to be a political adviser. I had about 4 station stops to give him the advice he needed.

The moment was gold. I got off the train and wondered if one day we will meet again. It’s as though he had received something tangible, he was so focused. At first I found the question daunting. What was more is that he expected me to give him sound advice. Then I had to rise to the occasion. Deep draws unto deep. You bet that man did not walk away empty handed, he had received what he needed to hear. I left him in deep thought. 

I also left wondering what just happened.


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