Class Suicide in South Africa 

There’s been much talk about “class suicide” at the Freedom Mantle Imbizo by student activists. It occurred to me this afternoon that Jesus modeled that too! He left His heavenly privilege and lived in the slum of the earth on purpose. He took on a limiting human body. He was born in a manger! Not even the poorest black babies in SA are born in a manger. 
His life was next to violence, He had to escape as a baby and be exiled in Africa. He left His heavenly riches and power and allowed Himself to be handled by humans who thought they were more powerful. And yet, He did all of that so that those who live in darkness may see great light. So that those who are powerless will find their power in and through Him. So that the rejected lonely woman at the well may find her voice and bring salvation to those who excluded her. So that the poor widow whose mite was despised will be seen and validated and the rich despised. He came to make the weak strong and the strong weak. He made the unlearned fishermen leaders and the learned scholars nothing. 
He called us to be like little children who are not persuaded by empty philosophies but those who know Him, who have known His love, who cry “Hosanna to the one who comes in the name of the Lord.” 

Like Paul who committed class suicide, though a Hebrew of the Hebrews circumcised on the 8th day He counted all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ. 
So as the question the student activists want to see in the white community, can the white community commit class suicide? Probably not. 

Only if they saw the same Lord seen by Saul who became Paul. Only then can all things be counted as “rubbish” that they may gain Christ and gain black brothers. But Jesus said “all things are possible” when He said its impossible for the rich to enter the kingdom of God. 

#reflectingonthelast5days #FreedomMantleImbizo


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