Black South Africans 

What is required of us black people in order for our lives to be restored is to live as though we were never stolen from. Even though we fully intend to get everything that was stolen because it is just to do so. It is to build our lives and communities as if there was no government to rebuild black communities even though we hold the government accountable for everything because it is just to do so. It is to love our neighbour who is black or white or foreign as if it were ourselves because when we do so we restore the humanity that was stolen from us. 

It is to deny the racist any reason for being. Racism is to be treated as a sickness from which we are all to be cured. 

We try to save some because by doing so we too will be saving our own humanity. 

Any other response of pride will lead to destruction. 

Humility is the path that will restore all of us. 

No relationships were ever restored through pride. 

There’s humility and more humility that is needed but only by those who know their true worth. Pride is for those who do not understand whose image they bear. 




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