A Prayer for the White Christian 

  May white Christians no longer be able to sleep comfortably at night while they are not concerned about justice. May white Christians become less concerned about their safety and more concerned about justice for the poor. Justice, beyond charity. May they no longer be comfortable to go on overseas family vacations without being grossly disturbed by such comfort in a country of such discomfort for many. May it no longer be seen as a brave missionary’s job to do justice but every Christian’s response to God. Yes, may you weep at the sight of poverty and may you become desperate for it to no longer persist in your watch. May you spend yourself pursuing justice. May God teach you to do justice. May the ones who have spent themselves on the cause of justice go on holiday for a change and take a little break, while more people stand. Yes, sponsor people like Linda Martindale to go on a well deserved break for a change after years and years of slaving away for this country.

(The prayer was made on Facebook and it has since caused a furious stir. Perhaps it should have been called “the debated prayer. A day later, I received a private message from someone who is not one of my Facebook friends. And it became one of the most beautiful stories about what can happen. )


I can’t stop weeping and wailing and it is BECAUSE of ONE white Christian’s response to my status prayer. I can’t stop weeping, not because she was horrible or racist like one particular woman in my status. I can’t stop weeping because she responded prophetically. And I am UNDONE by God’s touch. And all she did was send a private text. But it was no ordinary text. It was loaded with God’s acknowledgement of justice, loaded with God’s power, Love, understanding and care. This is the power that only lies with the Christian who will see, hear and perceive and understand what is going on. This is what I am stirring. Just one Christian who will hear God, press in. One who loves justice. There is healing that will only ever take place when the white Christian does only what a white Christian can do in This country. Racial pain can become racial healing because of a few. What if we had churches who were able to extend themselves in this manner? What would happen in this country would be more profound than any miracle anyone has ever talked about in 1994. Thank you Lord that for the defensive millions there is one you have raised up, which means that you will heal this land. There is one whose heart will break for the lives and hearts that are broken historic injustice. 

I know there’s more than one before you tell me there are 500 who care 🙂 

Bless ❤️your messenger Lord! And raise up more! 👣

And I am thankful that I am at the Warehouse, a safe space where I can weep for days if needed. Bless the Warehouse Christians Lord! Thank you also for the ones who pray and for the black brothers and sisters who didn’t leave me deserted when I speak the truth about what concerns us. This is heavy business and we will overcome✊🏽! God with us!



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