Worse than an Informer

(Column first published in the a Daily Dispatch)

A Corrupt Official – worse than an Apartheid informer

Had the National Party admitted during their ruling years that they had a corruption problem; Steve Biko could have been our next president and Hector Peterson would not be famous.


Let us give some credit to the ruling party for acknowledging that it has a corruption problem in its planning document for its upcoming National General Council for 2015. Had this document been released in 2005, our country might have been operating like a company with excellent customer service by now, hopefully.  


It is imperative that the ANC acts on its corrupt members with the kind of decisiveness it would have applied on anyone of their members who did as little as to smell like an apartheid informer during apartheid years. Well, that is without going as far as necklacing of course, but perhaps necklacing their career.


What is the difference between an ANC official whose actions betray the Freedom Charter through corruption and an apartheid informer who sells his soul to an apartheid government for a quick buck?

An apartheid informer did not only bring death or imprisonment to freedom fighters but also frustrated and delayed the progress of freedom for the people of South Africa.


How is it that a corrupt comrade is not treated as a grave danger to the organisation since he or she by his or her actions works against the people of South Africa and the ideals of the movement?


A corrupt official is like an informer because he has traded the dreams of the struggle in order to satisfy his greed. This is a crime no freedom fighter would smile upon nor glorify. The corrupt pretend to be friends of liberty for all, friends of economic freedom for all and friends of the upliftment of the poor; but in reality, like informers, they become a roadblock to the progress of the people who need it the most.


They say all the right slogans at rallies only to betray every promise they made. How is a corrupt official different to an apartheid informer? Did the apartheid system not make the informer wealthy so that he or she will keep the people in their struggle and prevent them from flourishing?


Corrupt officials must be seen as haters of the ANC more than any opposition party ever will. They destroy the ANC with their bare hands.


Those who love the ANC must show their love not only through not doing corrupt acts. They must lead by speaking against it fearlessly. Since when did timidity and cowardice silence people who once did not fear death itself? Those who love the ANC must be unafraid to lose their status or possessions. They must work to save the soul of the organisation from the mafia who have hijacked the dreams of just men and women who are no longer here to defend the organisation they created and died for.


If the ANC remains complacent about corruption, then the ANC must continue to self destruct. Then, it must die a swift death, because we as a nation refuse to die with it. The youth of this nation are growing in numbers and they will make the 2019 election results different from every result we have known since 1994.


The weekend Daily Dispatch story of Tiny Ngcukana gave me hope that the ANC could one day have trustworthy leadership. Ngcukana, an ANC Youth League activist, gave birth to baby Aluta in a bus toilet on her way to the ANCYL conference. She said: “My comrades had sole trust in me to ensure that Xolisani gets elected into the NEC as an additional member. It’s difficult to send anyone as a delegate because other comrades get easily swayed to vote for other people in exchange for cash,”

Tiny Ngcukana is a courageous young leader. Her name must rise.


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