Worse than an Informer

   (Column first published in the a Daily Dispatch) A Corrupt Official - worse than an Apartheid informer   Had the National Party admitted during their ruling years that they had a corruption problem; Steve Biko could have been our next president and Hector Peterson would not be famous.   Let us give some credit... Continue Reading →


Corruption Watch

Racism is part of our corruption. It's not a side issue.  It corrupts our collective human experience.​ ~ contemplating, we were not born for this. We are born with pure thoughts towards others.

Social Networks- A Dangerous PlaceĀ 

(Column for the Daily Dispatch first published 1 September 2015 on print) Power dynamics on social networks are like shifting sands. In a single moment, a well known personality can lose their power to an unknown Wits University student and former Hudson Park High School learner, over a few comments on Twitter.   Our interactions... Continue Reading →

Blue like Jazz

Sometimes you have to watch somebody love something before you can love it yourself. It is as if they are showing you the way.- Donald Miller  BLUE LIKE JAZZ  

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