Marikana & the EC Economy 

(This column is published on today's Daily Dispatch newspaper) Transkei born jazz singer, Simphiwe Dana, in her song called Nzima, laments the Marikana massacre, using Bawo Thixo Somandla, a traditional Xhosa lamentation choir song which is associated with the historical suffering of Africans. The video is as powerful as the lyrics: “God Almighty, what have... Continue Reading →


Happy Woman’s Day South Africa 

To be a South African woman is to rise and lead! It is to be strong and soft. It is to be powerful beyond measure and gentle as a dove. It is to feel deeply and fight fiercely. To be a South African woman is to sing, dance, it is to shout 'wathint'umfazi wath'inti mbokodo,'... Continue Reading →

New Forms of Protest

THERE is little doubt in my mind that South Africans are generally speaking - very active protestors. Take the “poo protestors” for example. Poo throwing was disgusting but it was creative and radical. An effective protest method though, should successfully address the concerns presented. Instead, as in the case of Andile Lili, the face of... Continue Reading →

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