Nkos’isikelel’i Afrika

#AfricaDay reminds me of the Original song by Enoch Sontonga. What do you expect from a guy named Enoch but to write a song that will forever draw Africa to God! 

Our national anthem begins with Africa in mind. The dreams of our forefathers were always bigger than the southern part of the continent. They saw themselves as Africans first. Indeed even when the system oppressed them it discriminated them because they were Africans and called them Africans. 

This song has stopped bloodshed when the people were faced with violence against them. These Africans have marched in times past and sang this song defying hatred and violence. This song has calmed the souls of our people. God bless Africa. It goes on asking the Holy Spirit to descend upon us and bless us. 

Yehla Moya, Yehla Moya oyingcwele usisikelele thina lusapho lwayo. 

Today I thank God for blessing our continent with such skillful and prophetic songwriters such as Sontonga. 

May He give us new prophets who will write new songs that will take us to the future God has called us to as a people. 

It is 15 years into the African Century. 

What is our generation going to leave behind? Certainly not xenophobia. 

The Sontonga generation left us with a vision of a blessed and united Africa. An Africa whose horn is lifted! A continent and people that are at peace and an Africa that is saturated with and in God’s presence. 

#AfricaDay in #SouthAfrica



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