Desmond Tutu

I am moved by Desmond Tutu’s spirit and heart for God and humanity. It is less about what he said more than what impacted me about him. I am moved by the depth of his undivided heart, soul, spirit and being that are completely united against injustice.

Tutu did not use many words at all. In fact he said very little but the little that he said revealed why Tutu is hard to ignore. He lives for justice.

There is a simplicity with which Tutu speaks about injustice. It is as though he were addressing children as he persuades the human race to be kind to one another. How hard can it be to love your neighbour and do good to them?

It’s as though he simply cannot understand how a human being created in God’s image can treat another human being made in God’s image badly. He makes injustices indeed seem utterly despicable on every level.

One asks what made his heart impossible to pollute since it is so easy to conform to injustice as the norm. It is as though he has just arrived on earth and he came across the most shocking injustice on earth. This injustice is without cause since love is so real how could anyone not love? How can anyone explain practices of hatred?



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