Black church vs White church, poverty and riches

This morning Radio Mhlobowenene was discussing inequality in the church. This was first about the salaries of a minister in a black church in comparison to the white minister in a white church in the same denomination.

The ministers called in saying that the poverty of a black church in Gugulethu or worse, a rural church vs the abundance of the white church in Pinelands within the same denomination is like night and day. No pun intended. The minister from the rural communities said that not only do they have no financial resources in their churches but none of the rich churches think it is important to visit their remote areas. They are left to their own struggles so that they will only meet during important gatherings, even there there is no meaningful exchange between the white a black churches. Everyone keeps to their own group. The division and the indifference of the rich church is heart wrenching.

“Sisono esamkelekileyo ukuba na umntomnyama makasokole” says one caller
That is “It is an acceptable sin for the black person to suffer under poverty.” Meaning they see it fit for black people to suffer.


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