The ANC did not produce Malema. He is a product of a country that took reconciliation too cheaply, a country that did not take advantage of forgiveness, a country that was too slow to respond to inequality created by the past regimes. If anyone deserves the EFF it is our nation after 20years of democracy.

The EFF is a cry of a tired generation. A generation that is sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Yet, there is another kind of breed that must arise out of this situation. A generation whose mission is to build and not to destroy.
A generation who wear red colours not of the colour of blood but the colour of love. A generation that is not afraid to tackle the most difficult questions of our day because their trust is in the Lord. A unified rainbow generation that is noble and dignified and free. A generation that is not ashamed to call the Lord, their God.
Who will stand up in this hour?
Who will say Lord send me?