Why I speak Black and African

I shared this on my facebook status and it received a few shares. "I talk of blackness not because I despise non-blackness. I speak of Africanness not because I detest non-Africanness. I speak of it because for the past 500 years blackness and Africanness were demonised. And so a few of us are trying to... Continue Reading →


A New SA Generation

The ANC did not produce Malema. He is a product of a country that took reconciliation too cheaply, a country that did not take advantage of forgiveness, a country that was too slow to respond to inequality created by the past regimes. If anyone deserves the EFF it is our nation after 20years of democracy.... Continue Reading →

Not a Sage, just me

She was a UCT final year film student with sharp detective abilities. In the film industry a UCT film graduate was seen as someone who shouldn't've bothered to study. I realised her detective abilities when she managed to dig out a few lines I had written, printed and filed away. It was hidden away in... Continue Reading →

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