Sex, Waiting and the plight of my generation

The “wait till you get married”


sexual message should really be “so what if you never have sex?” The “Wait” message ultimately makes sex as important as all the adverts that make sex the goal of life.

I have seen too many Christian girls feeling deprived as they “wait”. Some eventually can’t wait because the goal has been wrong from the beginning. Life is much bigger than sex. I know that the majority of the world does not believe that but this is the truth. No one dies because they didn’t have sex. Nor does anyone enjoy life less because they don’t have sex.

I think sex fills a generation that is unskilled on how to enjoy life in its fullness. Of course there must be dozens of sex benefits but I am tired of watching township streets littered with unfathered children. I use a word such aa litter because in some ways they grow up as though they are extra baggage when they deserve to grow up with dignity with their father and mother.
I understand that I am tackling a complex and difficult and highly sensitive subject given our messed up history. Nonetheless we must rise above what went wrong. We have to. We can.



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