A Talk I Gave at Deep River on Friday 17th Jan

This is undoubtedly the best sermon I have ever heard preached about the condition of South Africa. It is also the most powerful and inspirational piece. I do not think I have ever heard the condition of South Africa articulated with such boldness and truth without masking realities in order to speak hope. Here Peter Portal was dancing with God with every word he spoke. God must have been riding on his very voice as he spoke. It is masterfully written but it was even more so when it was audible. It is a pity that the recording failed but thank God that the document itself was saved.

Loads fell off my shoulders as I heard this message. Such was the power of truth and hope in this message.

Pete Portal

Have you ever heard what John Wesley said about preaching?
He said he knew he’d not preached the gospel in its fullness if he wasn’t thrown out of town afterwards.

Prophecy comes with responsibility. To discern and obey.

“Ride the wave of the Holy Spirit like never before”
We fear ‘excess’, but the early church didn’t. We esteem a book the apostles didn’t have, all the while forgetting about the spirit that they did have. Acts 1: WAIT. Possibly the only time Jesus told them to slow down and WAIT. No good to anyone without the Spirit. And nor are we.

To ride a wave, you need to paddle like crazy. You have to consciously decide to go for it, and then paddle like crazy to get there. I’m sure a lot of the time my spirit looks a lot less like a surfer and more like a beached whale…

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