The Day of The African Prophet

The Day of The African Prophet.



Let me dance
Do not stop me
I want to dance
I want to throw my arms on the wings of the air
The same way birds rely on the unseen
Who says birds were meant to fly
Who knows
Maybe the difference between them and us
Not weight
Not wings
Not size
See how we sit inside airplanes?
Does it make sense to drive on air?
I am going to dance
I will let the wind take my arms
To heights unseen
I will let the music of the wind
Blow my dress to dance the dance of clouds
I am going to dance
Further than cloud 9
I am going to smile
Feeling heady
High from not being earthbound
Here we go
On high heels
And stiletos

– madamemadiba


A beautiful teapot in Israel. Beauty always demands attention.

I love the texture and the colour.

These teapots promise really good tea.

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